Geol Crystal 60


A dazzling beauty jewel of gold colloid that melts into your skin: Geol Crystal 60.

The pinnacle of Japanese beauty distilled into a premium beauty gel. GEOL Crystal 60 is concentrated with patented gold colloid for superior anti-aging treatment, leaving the skin looking young and tight.


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Created on GEOL’s 60th anniversary, GEOL Crystal 60 is the cumulation of shear effort, advanced technology, and passion for beauty.
The result is a masterpiece designed to look like a pink gem mysteriously floating in the air via two separate layers packed with benefits for the skin.

The inner pink crystalline gem layer is enriched with patented gold colloid*, the current gold standard for superior anti-aging treatment**. A result of years of gold colloid research in GEOL, this is the only product in the world in the current form. The outer transparent layer is a moisturizing booster gel that further enhances the permeation into the stratum corneum of emulsions and creams that may be applied later.

An exclusive beauty gel with a new concept that can simultaneously achieve the triple standards of beauty goals: Anti-aging, moisturizing, and treatment-enhancing. Features a refreshing texture yet also a satisfying moisturized feel after application.

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*: Skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredient
**: Skincare based on age.

How to Apply

For best results, use twice daily

STEP 1: Take a pea-sized amount of Pink Gold Colloid and mix with a finger-size amount of transparent moisturizing booster gel with a spatula
STEP 2: Gently apply on your face, starting with your T-Zone then sweep from your chin towards your cheeks in an upward & outward motion